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    Designers have a great story. Telling it is easy; getting it across is hard. Especially to business.

    Design's Voice strategically prepares you to deliver your message to your key audience. You don't have to sell your design soul to get your story across. You do have to understand business principles and codes. You have to augment your existing communication skills with new ones that help these executives see the value, rationale, processes and thinking you bring to the relationship in their terms.

    Design's Voice is not just another design web site. Consider us interpreters of business to the design ear. And vice versa.

    Our expertise and unique focus bridges design and business with educational experiences and communication services.

    Our demonstrated successes range from communication planning and content development that help you tell your story (your voice; our team) to e-publishing and online courses in strategic positioning, branding and leadership training that refine your business savvy (your fuel)

    Above all, Design's Voice listens to you, to position your innovation and translate your design research and methodology. The result will fuel your power to influence change through effective, informed communication.


    Join us in expanding your horizons and crafting programs that communicate to the right people, the right message in the right way and at the right time.


    • Industrial Design

    • E-text publishing

    • Online Courses

    • Summits

    • Competitions

    • Strategic Planning & Facilitation


    • 70 years of accumulated experience in strengthening the voice and quality of design

    • Fluently, eloquently express ideas

    • In-depth knowledge of communication program implementation

    • Research and analysis to reveal opportunities

    • Creatively works within resource parameters

    • Global perspective