Our mission is giving design a voice
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    Design is a force for positive change.

    Design’s Voice is dedicated to fueling that force, through communication and education that helps designers open the ears, not just the eyes, of the people they need to influence.

    The most direct venue through which design contributes is in its relationships with business, yet very little information has been developed to guide designers in communicating with this, their key audience.

    We are committed to changing that, with programs that inform and empower designers and then help them get their stories out and heard. We believe that this goal requires two elements:

    • More well-tuned communication. It is the cornerstone of effective business relationships. It succeeds when it is planned, targeted, credible and engaging.
    • A life-long commitment to expanding horizons beyond design. The world changes and design must evolve if the design story is to continue to be relevant and powerful. That requires education, both self-directed and structured. Business (in its broadest terms) is a key subject this education must embrace.

    Our goal?

    To empower design. To give design a voice.