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PR 101: Grab Every Chance to Speak

Monday, January 25th, 2010 by admin

PR doesn’t stand for press relations but public relations. Who is your public? One way to build your career is to stand up in front of your public, your audience. But those opportunities are rare.

It takes effort. You start at the bottom and work up. So check out this invitation:

What: 7th International Conference on Design & Emotion

Where: Chicago

Deadline for Submission: February 15

When: October 4-7


Design & Emotion is a forum held every other year — so it’s not a chance that will come around again in ‘11.

The conference will offer workshops, research paper presentations, design case presentations, and poster presentations.

So don’t sit there in the audience, biting your nails in frustration. See if you can get on the program.

And if it works, then you practice and practice and practice. And practice some more.

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Finding the Voice for Your Design Story

Thursday, December 10th, 2009 by admin

To tell your design story so it resonates with business and media, you need to frame it in their terms.

Business–Too many numbers! How can I get taken seriously without losing my design soul? They love my ideas and visual presentation and models, but then they want me to validate my recommendation in terms of how many other people will love my design!

Public relations–Where’s the magic kool-aid? Why can’t I get coverage?

I hear the frustration whenever I talk with designers. It lingers even at a time when the press IS covering industrial design (Fast Company is taking over sponsorship of the IDEA, for instance). More industrial designers than ever seem to be reporting to the top levels in corporations yet industrial designers are still paid less than their marketing and engineering compadres.

It’s not for want of talent or focus on innovation and it’s not for lack of conferences and blogs talking about design, linking designers, exposing design.

So, another blog  on industrial design, exposing you to new designs, new talent, new events, new technologies or new causes? No.

What you’ll get here, and through Design’s Voice, is information from professionals so you can:

• operate successfully as a designer with business and within its management; and

• harness the power of public relations to send your message effectively.

Here you’ll learn how to tell your design story directly to business and through the media, with our:

• in-depth case studies on effective positioning stories

• podcast and written interviews with design, PR and business executives

• webcast courses, by experts in public relations, business and design leadership

• studies, relevant book reviews and glossaries

• communication strategy and program development that puts your story in the limelight

When you start accessing the resources we present, please give us feedback on quality, needs, frustrations, stories and offers to participate. Hey, education is collaborative!

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