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Paul Hatch

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 by Kristina

Knowledge as Creative Fuel

Is ignorance the playground of creativity? Is knowledge a deterrent or accelerator of creativity? These are a crucial questions in this knowledge-based economy where fast-paced change is demanding creative agility. Paul Hatch, president of the Chicago office of TEAMS Design, weighs in from his global experience during his continued conversation with Kristina Goodrich of Design’s Voice.

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Good Lessons from Bad Communication

Thursday, October 25th, 2012 by Kristina

Rep v. Dem: Breaking the Rules Right and Left

The inundation of the airwaves with election advertising has never been more nauseating—and inept. Besides the attacks and the misrepresentations, both Republicans and Democrats provide an endless stream of uninspired and predictable messaging. Does anyone really listen? What can designers learn while these groups waste billions of dollars breaking the cardinal sins of communication?

  • A little repetition goes a long way
  • You have to engage your audience
  • Use a laser not a shotgun
  • The medium is visual, so give people a visual reason to watch—They won’t listen if they aren’t watching!

In an Oct. 25, 2012, column for the Washington Post, Ned Martel nails the total failure of these campaigns to use advertising effectively. In “Could the pols use a bit of wisdom from the Mad Men,” he especially attacks them for bludgeoning everyone when marketers have known for generations that you target messages to key audiences, using their preferred media. That way:

  • You don’t irritate people with ads they don’t care about and
  • You reach your target audience with a well-crafted, tailored message that may cost more to create, but costs far less to deliver

Communication lessons for designers? Target! Both your message and your medium. Who’s your audience precisely, where do they look for information, what interests them? Is it the Harvard Business Review, BloombergWired, Absolute Sound? or Reaching out to the medical industry? Who is the contact you need? Tell engaging stories! Don’t rant, repeat, reduce, assume, talk down or beat your breast; rather, tell stories with personality geared to that particular audience’s interest. Make your examples personal, digestible, believable. That’s the difference between communication and strategic communication. Actually, sounds a lot like design, doesn’t it?

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M. Westcott Appointed DMI President

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 by Kristina

Here’s exciting news from the Design Management Institute (DMI)! It has retained Michael Westcott as its next president:

DMI is a global design organization that has moved the bar of design management up many notches since its formation in 1975. Michael will head a strong organization that has nearly 1,400 members in 44 countries.

The DMI press release quotes Incoming Board Chair Jerry Kathman of LPK as saying, “The mission of DMI has never been more vital. Michael’s experience and passion for DMI will guide us as we create new ways of sharing our ideas in an ever more networked world.”

I’ve known Michael since his volunteer days with the Industrial Designers Society of America, where he developed an amazingly effective membership marketing campaign after earlier designing a superb Design Gallery when the national conference was in Boston in ‘91. As the release and site says, he truly brings to DMI a unique combination of experience in:

  • global design management,
  • business and technology strategy,
  • marketing, and
  • community and association management.

He has led creative and marketing teams at Firebrand, Fitch, George P. Johnson, Red7Media and INXPO software and provided strategic planning, service design and communication for such brands as Johnson & Wales University, Reebok, Mazda, Chrysler, IBM, GE and others, will serve the organization well.

“As DMI evolves into a global network of design experts, we’re thrilled that Michael brings such impressive experience not only in core design disciplines but also new ways to extend the DMI experience in powerful ways through richer networked communities and knowledge-sharing solutions,” indicated board member Jeannette Hanna.

You can already check out his blog at Here’s what he has to say: “I believe we face a unique moment that invites design and innovation leadership to make its voice heard and its value felt more strongly in business, in the economy and in education.”

Sounds great, Michael!

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Why Do People “Skin” Your Beautiful Designs with Their Personal Pictures?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 by Kristina

Frank Tyneski, VP of Product Design & Development at Skinit, explains in this interview the deeply compelling appeal of making a product your own by placing on it a skin that reflects your personal enthusiasms. He also delves into how that relationship with the consumer then spins into a value added that has tremendous impact. What does this mean for design?

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Smart Talk

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 by admin


Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol (1931 – 1987)

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.”

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